While working on Spacenow we also developed another project in parallel called ‘SNT - Spacenow Token’. The main idea was to create a digital coin that could also be used by spacenow
as a form of currency or "credit" online.
When we began the capitalisation process for the coin I created an interactive landing page
to explain the idea. I created an illustration of a entire city to show how Spacenow helps to turn under-utilised space into a monetising solution.

This animated city would grow while you scroll down the page, showing underutilized spaces being booked. This brought the concept to life and helped define the value proposition, which was a critical part of the brand activation and launch strategy.
Website Design
Illustrated Objects
The illustrations were created using a handmade isometric guideline in Adobe Illustrator.
The project required over 400 isometric assets to be created to simulate the growing city.
These illustrated objects included buildings, streets, cars, houses, public places,
trees and even a small lake.

I loved leading the design of this project because I was able to take some creative license in my approach and embed my interests and hobbies. The final design of the city illustration even included a few Easter eggs from movies that I like!
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